I can take my story to greater heights

Filming award-winning documentaries has become an easy feat for students from SP’s Diploma in Creative Writing for TV and New Media (DTVM).

Beyond classroom learning, DTVM students travel overseas to look for real-life stories, script and film them in three days! The journey allows them to widen their perspective and gain the experience of overseas productions.

Nivani Elangovan recently produced the film, “15 and Married”, which tells an unusual tale of Kampung Pasir Angling where inter-marriages are common among the teenagers. She shared “Being overseas and working with a language barrier made it difficult to find stories. But the course has trained me well to sniff out a good story and interact with new people – whether it’s for documentary film or journalism.” It was her training that allowed Nivani to not only suss out a good angle, but to share interesting cultural experiences with others through compelling storytelling. The film “15 and Married” has been conferred the Honourable Mention award at the Asia South East Short Film Festival 2017.

Dream to have a critically acclaimed documentary under your belt? Visit our Open House! Tip: DTVM is unique to SP.

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