I can shape my future

An internship with the National Healthcare Group Diagnostics (NHGD) kick started the career of Diploma in Biomedical Science alumna Serene Kho. After graduating from SP, she joined the company as a junior medical technician.

Today, Serene is the head of laboratory at the NHGD. She shared that managing a department of 25 people who are all older than her is not an easy task. But, she had the knowledge and skills from her diploma to fall back on.

“Initially, I felt worried and it was challenging, especially in terms of earning the seniors’ trust and respect. It took time, but the effort is worth it, especially with such a great team now,” said Serene.

Under her charge, the NHGD has rolled out better services for both patients and caregivers. One such instance is the Home Phlebotomy team, which visits wheelchair- and bed-bound patients to draw blood for tests, thereby reducing the inconvenience caused to them.

Serene is truly an example of how SP grooms our students to be life ready, work ready and world ready!

Let SP shape your future. With SP, it’s So Possible #SPJAE18 #singaporepoly #speye

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