I can innovate and change the world

Ever secured your bicycle with a chain, only to discover a single wheel in its place the next day? Inspired by his experience, avid cyclist and Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering student Bernard Soh and his classmates developed a “Smart Bike Alarm” in collaboration with Adsec Singapore, as part of their final-year industry project.

This was made possible by the training they received during the three-year course, and finally the team was able to apply their skills. They developed a prototype alarm that could be easily mounted to a bicycle. Once activated, the alarm connects to the user’s phone and will give off a loud siren when it senses that the parked bicycle is being moved for a prolonged period of time. The most useful feature of the device is the tracking and sending of the bike’s location to the owner!

Watch out for this device hitting the markets soon as this is definitely a must-have for all cycling enthusiast out there! #singaporepoly #speye

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