I can create wonders

Sabrina loved animation and doodling since secondary school. Art was in her blood and she wanted to be in the creative industry. Despite having an O level score that would have qualified her for a top junior college, she decided to join SP’s Diploma in Digital Animation.

“SP’s strong focus on student development and hands-on projects was what sealed the deal for me. I could build a foundation and kick-start my career,” she shares.

Her journey in SP has not only honed her skills, it has also helped reach her potential. She and her course mates worked with SBS Singapore for her final year project, to create a public education, pixel art animation on what to do in the event of a train breakdown. The group worked on the project including planning, storyboarding and compositing. The video is now being screened at the platforms at the Downtown (Blue) Line and Northeast (Purple) Line. How cool is that?!

Check out the video on her channel here.

With a talent specialising in pixel art, it is no wonder that Sabrina is spending her internship at LambdaMu Games, the creators behind the award-winning game ‘Pixel People’. Sabrina is well and truly on her way to living out her dream career.

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