I can create Artificial Intelligence

Do you have burning questions to ask SP? You can now chat with our AI SParky, who is residing on SP domain sites!

SParky is the brainchild of our SP Institutional Medallist Azeem who graduated with a Diploma in Information Technology (DIT) in 2017. As a toddler, Azeem’s pastime was spent on playing video and interactive games such as Dr Seuss: Green Eggs and Ham. It soon developed his interest in IT.

After his O levels, Azeem decided to enrol in SP as he was attracted to the strong course curriculum in IT and conducive learning environment. Azeem’s interest in IT grew stronger as he picked up programming skills and developed various computer applications.

In SP, Azeem participated in various hackathons and competitions. In the Microsoft Imagine Cup competition, he led his final-year project team to win the Innovation category by developing Nyx, an artificial intelligence service which is self-learning and can be deployed at events to answer queries. This saves manpower costs and improves productivity.

Azeem recently formed a company with his friends to further develop Nyx, which has resulted in the birth of AI SParky! Come see the future of technology by interacting with the creator of AI SParky at the SP Open House 2018, 4-6 Jan.