I can build my future

Civil Engineering = Tough, challenging and construction sites? X
Civil Engineering = Male only? X
Just ask Emma Tan.

As a child, Emma would hear of civil engineering terms and stories from her dad, who was a civil engineer. Due to his influence, Emma aspired to follow in her father’s footsteps since secondary one. As SP was the only polytechnic which offered a Diploma in Civil Engineering with Business (DCEB, the choice was clear for Emma after her O levels.

It was a choice she did not regret. Besides nurturing her passion for civil engineering, the course also equipped her with the latest industry skills such as Building Information Modeling and Digital Design, which will also prepare her for the digital economy. In her final year, Emma also had the opportunity to take up a semester-long elective in Computer Programming, which she was able to apply to build digital models. The programming skills will also be useful when doing complex engineering calculations which are common in the industry.”

Emma also got the opportunity to take part in a forum in Hong Kong. Presenting in front of 300 students and real-life engineers gave her the confidence in public speaking. The high flyer hopes to enter NUS or Cambridge University to obtain a Doctorate in Civil Engineering. “My dad has always inspired me and I hope to become a university lecturer to inspire others as well,” shared Emma.

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