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Helping Industry To Take Flight

Helping industry to take flight

At SP, these are more than just science fiction concepts.

Our School of Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering (MAE) students built a hoverboard that could levitate. Inspired by the blockbuster hit Back to the Future, the students realized their final-year project using the phenomenon of quantum levitation. This invention means that we are one step closer to floating conveyor-belt sushi restaurants or levitating roller coasters!

More mind blowing? How about a robot companion powered by brainwaves? Created by our Diploma in Bioengineering (DBEN) students together with tech company Neeuro, this robot-cum-mobile application helps children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) concentrate better. The app can be paired with a SenzeBand – Neeuro’s wearable technology – which can track the brainwaves of its user via Bluetooth. The SenzeBand monitors a user’s concentration level and rate the user, prompting them to refocus. This could be used in classrooms to help ADHD students study better.

At SP, we look for solutions to real world problems. Visit us at #SPOH20, 9-11 Jan 2020, 10am – 6pm #speye #singaporepoly

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