Facilities & Hangouts - Singapore Polytechnic Open House 10-12 Jan 2019

Facilities & Hangouts

Students get access to a wide array of facilities that are tailored to the needs of their courses. There are plenty of hangout spots where students can study, spend time with friends and play sports as well.

Dream Builder 1 & 2

Facilities for experimental studies on the properties and strengths of various materials encountered in building and civil engineering works, as well as a geotechnical laboratory for the testing of various physical properties and compressibility characteristics of soils.

Facilities Management Laboratory and Building Services Laboratory

The Facilities Management Laboratory is integrated with the Building Services Laboratory to provide learning spaces for building services and facilities management training. Students can also observe how smart technologies are infused into buildings at the laboratory.

The Event Space

An incubating ground for students to learn, plan and simulate different events through a versatile mini performing theatre that is integrated with an exhibition hall.

Landscape Outdoor Learning Laboratory

A facility for hands-on activities in horticulture, plant propagation and landscape design construction.


At the heart of DARCH’s teaching facilities, the Forum is a place of knowledge sharing where ideas and views are exchanged. Designed as a multi-purpose auditorium, it is home to critique sessions, guest lectures and exhibitions as well as a catalyst for impromptu discussions amongst students and lecturers.

Accounting Collaboration Studio

An exclusive space for Accountancy students to master the soft skills that will give them the added edge to their professional accounting career.

Business Design Studio

A studio that facilitates the study and practice of business design and designed to inspire an innovative and collaborative culture.

HR Learning Studio

Functions as a behavioural laboratory and equipped with a one-way mirror and a counselling room which allows our students to practice their communication skills.

UOB Kay Hian – SP Dealing Centre

A Dealing Centre where students get to experience the complex market dynamics by trading in foreign exchange and financial derivatives in a stimulated trading environment.


The nation’s largest vending machine gallery is a pilot project to encourage SMEs to test their products and innovations among the youth.

Financial Informatics Lifelong Learning Space

A facility which provides students with an authentic learning experience of the global financial markets.

Business Innovation Centre (BIC)

A centre which manages Applied Industry Projects and boast of capabilities including regionalisation, business analytics, fintech and other consultative services and projects.

Chemical Engineering Workshop

Houses a wide range of well-instrumented plants and process instrumentation to provide our students with hands-on experience in chemical engineering.

Biologics Corridor

A series of laboratories that include a clean room for professional training and hands-on practice for bioprocessing as well as core life sciences techniques.

Nutrition, Health & Wellness Centre

Supports hands-on teaching for the Diploma in Nutrition, Health & Wellness course with a wide range of equipment.

Perfumery and Cosmetic Science Centre

Provides facilities for the development and application of fragrances and personal care products in the chemical, cosmetics and toiletries industries.

SP Optometry Centre

Serves as the clinical training facility for Optometry students with 15 fully-equipped consulting and special examination rooms.

Applied Chemistry Laboratory Suite

Houses a series of laboratories to provide our Applied Chemistry students with knowledge and laboratory skills in areas such as forensic chemistry, organic chemistry and analysis of active pharmaceutical ingredients to name a few.


A suite of laboratories which provide facilities to support the applications of food science and technology such as the food creation laboratory and food processing laboratory.

Wireless Innovation Laboratory

Designed for the delivery of modules on Internet of Things (IoT) and wireless networking.

Social Media Listening Centre

Houses tools and software to provide our students with an authentic experience in monitoring and analysing the sentiments and buzz on social media in channels such as forums, blogs, microblogs, news and social networking sites.

Cyber Wargame Centre

A dedicated learning space to give our students a taste of the real experience of a cybersecurity professional.

Recording Studio

An acoustically-designed recording studio capable of producing audio for various media contents such as video and games animation, while providing an inspirational place to compose and arrange music.

Visual Effects Studio

A studio which allows our students to produce moving imagery in a controlled setting. This sound-proof studio is ideal for chroma-key, video production works and video streaming.

M.A.D Studios

The M.A.D. (Media-Art-Design) Studios is a fully-equipped set of production studios where our students engage in sculpting, production design and traditional animation classes as well as have creative discussions with peers or industry clients.

Carpentry Workshops

A facility for 3-dimensional interactive modelling and rapid prototyping. It is equipped with materials and tools to explore future developments in arts and technology.

Design Studio

A creative environment for the interaction of ideas and collaboration on design projects between lecturers and students. The interior spatial concept adds to the hybrid nature of the students design processes, optimising their learning experience in design education with the right mix of technology, hardware and pedagogy.

Black Box

A performance space with black walls and a flat floor, which can be used flexibly to create a stage. It is a relatively recent innovation in theatre.

The Agency

A first-of-its-kind physical space that simulates the workings of a real integrated marketing communications agency and boasts additional studios that include a single-camera visual studio, a radio studio and editing suites.

The Writers’ Room

An interactive space where our Diploma in Creative Writing for Television and New Media students can find inspiration to turn their imaginations into reality.

Drawing Studio

A studio where our digital media students are trained in the traditional aspect of the arts such as still-life drawing, figure drawing and anatomy studies.

Advanced & Intelligent Control Centre

A centre which carries out R&D work in the areas of Advanced Robotics and Intelligent Control.


A four-storey building that houses an aircraft hangar with four aircraft, flight stimulators, laboratories and R&D centre to provide training facilities to students of the Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering (DARE) and the Diploma in Aerospace Electronics (DASE) courses.


A network of state-of-the-art fabrication laboratories that house equipment such as 3D printers, Laser cutters, 3D CNC Prototype Mill, PCB Mills and Electronic Workbenches for students from different diploma courses to work on multi-disciplinary projects and create prototypes.

Computer Numerical Control Laboratory

This facility enables students to produce intricate and precise parts or components typically used in the engineering sector such as Aviation and Precision industries using computer numerical control machines as part of their coursework.

Rail Control Technology Laboratory

Students train on electrical control and signalling systems in rapid transit applications and learn Programmable Logic Control (PLC) and Human Machine Interface (HMI).

Advanced Semiconductor Process Hub

This facility supports all activities related to Wafer Fabrication and Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) modules and projects.

Advanced Manufacturing Centre

The smart factory within the centre allows students to work closely with local manufacturing companies to experiment and adopt new technologies, improving work processes.

SP-Bosch Rexroth i4.0 Innovation Laboratory

This laboratory prepares students for factories of the future and is used to demonstrate and allow students to learn about the flexible production line that accommodates product changes in real time.


Industrial Automation Laboratory

A laboratory where students learn about robotics and automation through course work and industrial projects.

SP Smart Connected Solutions Laboratory

This facility is used to equip full-time students and adult learners with Internet of Things (IoT) knowledge and capabilities by collaborating with various industry partners.

Full Mission Bridge Simulator

A state-of-the-art computerised simulation system to create a highly realistic environment on a circular screen to generate exercise area, electronic navigational aids data, ship models and environmental conditions.

Advanced Engine Simulator

A new centre which uses Virtual Simulation Application to allow users to experience interactive virtual animation of the entire engine room. Users wearing VR goggles or using handheld controllers can navigate the different parts of the ship engine and interact with the engine parts.

Full Mission Engine Simulator

A comprehensive, realistic, interactive and dynamic system that simulates real-world ship propulsion plants.

Maritime Business Centre

The Maritime Business Centre depicts the offices of real shipping companies with students learning through role plays of shipping scenarios.

Food Outlets

SP is a foodies’ dream come true! There are many food courts and dining options available such as Starbucks, Subway and McDonald’s to name a few.


A popular chill-out venue equipped with music jamming rooms, dance studios and the popular Cafe@Moberly.


The Main Library and Hilltop Library boast of a comprehensive catalogue and excellent information resources for students, lecturers and staff. It also houses facilities such as The MakerSpace, discussion pods and event space.


A highly popular space for students to hang out with their friends and do their project works.

Green Spaces

A campus within a garden, SP has many green spaces and pockets of nature rich in biodiversity.

Sport Facilities

One of the most popular recreational activities on campus is sports, and there is a wide range of sports facilities to support this pastime.


A strategically-located outdoor space used for large-scale events.


A sheltered space located in the heart of SP campus. It is commonly used for activities such as exihibtions and CCA activities. It is also a popular study area for students in Chemical and Life Sciences.

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