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At SP, we prepare you to join the global big leagues through our authentic and industry-relevant curriculum, innovative learning spaces, and enriching overseas programmes. Whether you are a secondary school student or a working adult, there is something for you!

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Building a more Sustainable City

At the School of Architecture & the Built Environment (ABE), I can transform spaces. I learn to incorporate design with technology, allowing me to turn imaginative ideas into reality.

The creativity-driven and hands-on lessons allow me to build a strong foundation in transforming spaces, turning them into sustainable environments. Be it buildings, structures, landscapes, interiors, facilities or events, I am able to enhance the user’s experience with creative solutions.

When I graduate, I will take on the world with my passion. I can build a more sustainable future that I dream of.

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Shaping a Bigger Economy

I can venture and find my success at School of Business (SB).

I get to feel the buzz of a stock exchange at UOB Kay Hian-SP Dealing Centre and immerse myself into the high-tech world of the Financial Informatics Lifelong Learning Space. I can go on overseas study trips and internships to expand my global outlook.

The varied courses allow me to choose a path that suits my interests and aspirations. Many are also recognised by professional bodies such as the Diploma in Accountancy and the Diploma in Human Resource Management with Psychology which are accredited by Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, and the Singapore Human Resources Institute respectively. The Diploma in Business Administration suits my aspiration in business innovation.

With an entrepreneurial mind set, I can graduate to be a professional in diverse business fields and shape a bigger economy.

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Pioneering Bigger Breakthroughs

At the School of Chemical & Life Sciences (CLS), I can unlock the mysteries of science and create wonders to better life.

The robust curriculum, coupled with strong links with industries and universities, gives me an edge in my field. I acquire lifelong skills that empower me to take on and excel in various industries, like chemicals, consumer business, energy, food, medical technology, pharmaceuticals & biotechnology, and healthcare!

When I graduate, I can contribute to discoveries that enhance the quality of life and pioneer bigger breakthroughs.

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Championing a Smarter Nation

I can use technology to improve lives, help businesses and make cyberspace a safer place. The different learning styles, such as apprenticeship and scenario-based learning help unlock my potential and stretch my limits. Spaces like the Cyber Wargame Centre allows me to learn the skills to defend against hackers, and state-of-the-art computer labs to help me to put my programming skills to the test.

When I graduate, I can use technology to make a difference in people’s lives and champion a smarter nation.

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Imagining Greater Possibilities

At Media, Arts & Design (M.A.D) School, I can seek ideas through creative exploration and challenge conventions through the power of design, be it 2D or 3D. I can curate a story into an impactful communications campaign, an interactive applied drama programme for the community or a moving documentary. I can also create animation, music, games and visual effects for films.

The real-world learning spaces present an authentic learning environment for me to dream and imagine. My lecturers – all industry experts – will nurture my ability to change the way the world thinks.

When I graduate, I can become a multi-faceted media worker, versatile music engineer, creative designer, confident communication professional, a skilled writer or a compassionate drama educator. With my knowledge and know-hows, I am certain I am poised to imagine greater possibilities.

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Innovating a better and smarter world

Everything around us is an engineering feat. Smartphones, laptops and transport networks are masterpieces of engineers. I know I can play a significant role in society.

At SP Engineering, I can harness my curious mind to translate ideas into creative solutions to better lives and shape the world around me; be it futuristic energy sources, robots with advanced intelligence, cutting-edge healthcare equipment or even complex aeronautical technology. The possibilities are limitless.

When I graduate, I know I can utilise my knowledge to innovate a better and smarter world.

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering

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Making Bigger Waves

Go on an adventure and make bigger waves with the Singapore Maritime Academy (SMA).

At Singapore’s only maritime training institution, I can gain knowledge and skills to navigate the oceans. I can also tap on engineering disciplines to turn a ship into a moving city. I am exposed to the wide array of shipping business activities. My adventure begins under the guidance of experienced lecturers and with hands-on training using state-of-the-art simulators and facilities.

When I graduate, I can be part of Singapore’s growing maritime industry – one of the world’s busiest seaports and largest container ports – and make bigger waves internationally.

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