Overseas Experience

I’m Lily.
With SP, I can expand my horizons.

Lily Kuik Yik Ming had always been interested in understanding building designs. As such, her diploma choice in SP was a natural one for her. Currently in her third year, Lily chose to take the extra step to broaden her horizons, and applied for an overseas internship stint.

It took Lily six months before she finally secured a job at the University of Glasgow, Scotland, as an Architecture Intern at the university's Estates and Buildings Department. It was an eye-opening experience as she was involved in major projects and was given a crucial role in working on the master plan of the institution's Western Infirmary Site.

During her internship, Lily received guidance and mentoring from Ms Eleanor Magennis, who heads the master plan projects and space planning of the university. This internship experience in Scotland has given Lily unique insights to the architectural landscape beyond Singapore's shores. Lily's biggest takeaway from this internship is learning to be independent and take things in her stride.

Indeed, Lily's story is one that we hope every student can experience, if not exactly the same, then in different forms. Lily's story is a true reflection of the spirit of learning and adventure.