I’m Daniel.
With SP, I can unleash my potential.

Daniel Ho’s interest in cyber-security started when he was a teenager. As smart televisions and internet banking systems became mainstream, he began to wonder about the security measures behind these technological devices. There and then, Daniel knew that he wanted a career related to cyber security.

During his time in SP, Daniel initiated a student mentorship programme to help new DISM students settle into their polytechnic life. A community where seniors and juniors can seek support and share relevant knowledge was thus created.

A recipient of the DSO Diploma Scholarship, Daniel completed a six-month internship as a defence researcher at the DSO National Laboratories. During his internship, he had the unique opportunity to be involved in research projects related to network forensics and malware detection software.

Daniel will pursue a degree in Information Security at the National University of Singapore after serving his national service. He has already been awarded the Public Service Commission Scholarship and wants to be involved in Singapore’s journey towards becoming a Smart Nation. With the rise of security issues world-wide, we certainly look forward to Daniel making a difference in keeping the cyber world safe!